Countryside Organics Natural Poultry Feed

October 19, 2014

Organic GMO free natural poultry feed is now in stock at Roxbury Farm & Garden Center.

Countryside Organic Soy-Free Poultry Layer Feed with 17% protein, 2% fat, and 8% fiber, our certified soy-free Layer Feed is a complete feed that’s supplemented with Thorvin kelp, organic alfalfa, and Fertrell Poultry Nutri-Balancer. It’s formulated with additional calcium for egg shell strength and flaxseed to increase the omega-3 content of the eggs.

Protein is an essential building block of healthy hens and great egg production.  It takes 17 grams of protein per day to maintain a bird’s health and produce an egg. Countryside Organic Soy-Free Poultry Layer Feed has the 17% protein required to meet these needs.  Make sure your flock gets the proper nutrients.

We also stock Countryside Organics scratch grains, goat feed, and other poultry starter and growing diets.

NEED CHICKENS?  We place an order each spring and fall for 20 week old “ready to lay” Sex-Link red birds that lay a brown egg and White Leghorn white birds that lay a white egg.  The bird’s have been raised on a clean farm.  Yes, they are vaccinated and debeaked.  Not everyone wants a debeaked bird, but there food consumption does not seem to be hindered.  These healthy birds are $8.00 per bird.  We have a waiting list, so call and place your name on the order list.

Roxbury stocks feeders and waterers for the backyard chicken flock.  We have egg cartons, antibiotics, probiotics, wormers, egg cleaners, and brooder lights and fixtures.  Be sure to check with us for your poultry needs.  “Oyster shells” (calcium grit), pine shavings, and straw are also stocked for a tidy hen lot.  We have all sizes of poultry wire too.

Roxbury Farm & Garden embraced organic gardening early on in the mid-1980’s.  We have always promoted the concept of healthy soils, correct timing of fertilizations, and a general understanding of problems the plant or animal owner might incur.  Generally problems are not random, but are usually due to an environmental issue.

We welcome Countryside Organics as a new vendor and we applaud their stewardship to our Earth.