Fall is Planting Time

September 24, 2018

Fall is planting time at Roxbury Farm & Garden Center.  Fall is the best time to plant most trees, shrubs and perennials.  We have a wide selection of plant material to choose from.

Root growth of plants and grass is most active in the cooler months.  Roots will grow in the dead of winter as long as the ground temperature is above freezing and the ground is not frozen.  With few exceptions planting in the fall will give your plant a full season’s jump on the year to come.  When the hot and drought of summer arrive you will have a more established root system from fall planting.  This will aid your plant in enduring the heat of summer.

We have many nice evergreen azaleas including Encore everblooming azaleas as well as the more traditional varieties.  We also have a wide selection of boxwoods.

In the tree yard there are nice Red maples (Acer rubrum), weeping flowering cherries, Zelkova trees, lacebark elm, and so much more.

How about a great screen?  We have an abundance of Skip Laurels  (Prunus laurocerasus ‘West Coast Schipkaensis’) to choose from for a broadleaf evergreen plant growing in an upright fashion from 12 to 15 tall.

Roxbury has a wide selection of pots of all sizes for indoor and outdoor use.  We also have all of the potting soil and mulches you will need for the perfect plant.

Our concrete line includes free standing fountains, bird baths, and statuary. Fall is a great time to add an accent to your outdoor living space.  Let your imagination run free as you choose from our concrete selection ranging from traditional to whimsical.

Roxbury has many nice trees and shrubs to choose from for a fine landscape. We have the area’s most complete garden center.  In Fredericksburg fall is planting time, so come see us!