What a nice spring!

April 10, 2014

Good golly, it’s summer time! It seems as though only yesterday we were complaining about “the winter that would not go away”. Freezing temperatures and repetitive snowfalls were the bane of our March existence.

Finally as winter passed I witnessed something that I do not recall seeing in the past. Everything bloomed at once! Perhaps this has happened in the past, but I have the memory of a gnat. We’ve not seen such a show in recent times.

The daffodils, tulips, cherries, and dogwoods all bloomed simultaneously. This was a spectacular show for all to enjoy. Some folks said the pollen was unbearable, but I thought the display was marvelous.

The soil remained cold well into April, so germination of grass seed including crabgrass was delayed. The little Irish guy on the radio was pre-programmed to tell you to apply crabgrass preventor in mid-March. This was the year to wait until income tax day in mid-April for the better results.

We have had rains in buckets with as much as two or three inches at a time. Some of these torrential downpours have sealed our vegetable seeds in a compressed clay tomb never to be seen or heard from again. A second planting was required in many cases. Yes indeedy! The rains have come this year on a steady basis.

Many folks thought the insect population would be reduced by a long, cold winter. An insect has a strong natural defense mechanism against cold weather.

Low and behold the tent caterpillars infested the trees and then the fall cankerworms or “inchworm” rained from the trees like manna from the sky. The ticks are rampant. Like the blossoms of the flowers and the trees it seems the insects all popped out at once. It also seems like the winter just made them mad.

In summary we have been reminded that we live in growing zone 7, not Florida. We have been treated to a beautiful spring. We have had adequate rainfall. Never curse the rain. It might just go away for a while. The temperatures have been reasonably comfortable. All in all, it’s been a mighty nice spring.

Andy Lynn, Roxbury Farm & Garden Center

Higan's Flowering Cherry

Higan’s Flowering Cherry