New at Roxbury: The Room of Garden Accessories!

January 25, 2015

Although winter is still in full swing, spring is fast approaching and Roxbury is gearing up for the season! Most of our garden seed has come in. Fertilizers, grass seed, and pre-emergents are coming in by the truckload. Our seed starting shelf is fully stocked. But perhaps the grandest of our preparations has been the creation of our brand new Accessory Room! Formerly known as the Pond Room, this is where many of the larger items that didn’t previously have a home will be displayed. Things that can be found in this room include: tomato cages, shepherd’s hooks, wall hangers, and large pots.

Brand new at Roxbury!

Also new at Roxbury this year are our contained cedar garden tables. Raised up off the ground so that gardening no longer needs to be synonymous with a sore back, these tables will allow you to experience all the joy of homegrown produce with only a fraction of the hassle! Dividers are provided so that you can easily plan out your garden, and the durable cedar wood gives you excellent value.


Whether you are looking for ice melt to fend off the winter, seeds to start planning for spring, or beer and wine making supplies to make any season more enjoyable, Roxbury is sure to have something for you!

P.S. If you are concerned about the consolidation of our pond room never fear! We still have everything you need for your pond or water garden. The majority of our stock has been moved into the main brick building while many of the bulkier items such as tubing and filter media will still be displayed in the (former) pond room. We do not look at this change as a step back for our water gardening inventory, but rather a step forward. Having the majority of the stock in the main building will allow us to give you better service when it comes to these items by consistently having staff available to help you.