Meat Curing Supplies!

November 21, 2015

Roxbury carries a selection of meat curing supplies at all times.

Planning on making sausage this winter? Roxbury carries Legg’s Old Plantation sausage seasoning in four varieties: pork, hot pork, sweet italian, and hot italian. Each packet seasons 25 pounds of meat.

Roxbury also carries Tender Quick, a Morton’s product that speeds up the curing process of smaller cuts of meat like pork chops, spareribs, and poultry. This product can be rubbed into the meat or dissolved in a brine solution. One two-pound package can cure over 60 pounds of meat. Another Morton’s product Roxbury stocks is Sugar Cure. Coming in regular and smoked flavor, Sugar Cure is a product used to dry cure hams and bacon. Depending on how fully you like your ham cured, one bag of Sugar Cure can treat up to 150 pounds of ham and 240 pounds of bacon!

If you’re one of those folks that likes to do things manually, you’ll love Roxbury’s selection of manual food processing machines! Grain mills, sauce makers, and meat grinders that double as sausage stuffers are all in stock down here at Roxbury.

Looking to shake up your Barbeque? Roxbury carries Uncle June’s BBQ sauce, a North Carolina type sauce that’s made locally in Spotsylvania. Just as the bottle states, its “great on everything”.

Don’t forget that Roxbury always keeps in stock a huge selection of beer, wine, and cider supplies. So whether you are looking to start a new hobby or continue an old tradition, Roxbury Farm and Garden center is sure to have what you’re looking for!

Here’s Morton’s website, where you can find tricks and tips on meat curing;