July 7, 2014

SHOP THE BOULEVARD!  Lafayette Boulevard…Downtown!

“Back in the day” there was not an I-95 or Route 1 bypass.  Everything circulated through downtown Fredericksburg on what is now Route 1 business.  If you were going from Richmond to Washington you passed through Fredericksburg on U. S. Route 1 starting with Lafayette Boulevard.

Today our old town consists of vibrant shops, restaurants, and B&B’s on Caroline Street.  Princess Anne Street remains somewhat traditional by featuring primarily professional services and legal services. William Street is still a good blend of restaurants and services.  Fredericksburg is a wonderful town!

And then there’s Lafayette Boulevard…  What a great place to shop and save money.  Just as it might have been “back in the day” the independent retailer is inspired to give top notch service.  Their business is their passion.

Whether you need feed, seed, plants, local art, tires, brakes, heating & air work, a friendly lunch spot, a fine German meal, financial guidance, pest control, flooring, window tinting, work on your Harley, garage door repair or installation, first rate hair styling, website work…  Well, you get the point.

Lafayette Boulevard has lots of “heavy lifting” when it comes to service.  The merchants of Lafayette Boulevard will often save the consumer money because of the merchant’s skilled knowledge base and high level of service.

There is lots of life on Lafayette Boulevard, so SHOP THE BOUELVARD!