Holland Bulbs for Fall Planting bring Spring Flowers

September 23, 2018

 Holland Bulbs for Fall Planting bring Spring Flowers including tulip, daffodil,  hyacinth, crocus, amaryllis & paperwhite are here!

Roxbury Farm & Garden Center has been a destination for the Holland flower bulb enthusiast for over 40 years.

Roxbury features more than 160 varieties of Holland bulbs.There are many types of Holland bulbs including the main groups of crocus, daffodils, hyacinths and tulips.  Within each type are many sub-species giving the gardener a wide band of bloom time.

As an example there are early blooming tulips such a Fosteriana and Kaufanniana.  Bloom times vary depending on the weather in early spring.  An unseasonably warm spring will lead to earlier blooms times on bulbs and flowers in general.  Likewise an unseasonably cold spring will lead to later bloom times in general.

The first bulbs out of the ground in are area usually show up in February.  Crocus, Snowdrops, and early varieties of daffodils begin to emerge.  We have 10 varieties of crocus plus 2 fall flowering varieties of crocus.  We also have Sternbergia which looks like a yellow crocus and blooms in the fall.

Hyacinths and other daffodils bloom in March in our area.  We have 10 varieties of hyacinths covering every color in the spectrum.  We have 47 varieties of daffodils from the shorter early rock garden types to the main season daffs.

Tulips usually have a range of bloom time from mid-March to late-April depending on the sub-species.  We have 55 varieties of tulips.

For a mass of bloom plant all of the same sub-species of bulbs.  As an example Triumph tulips will probably bloom in early April and Darwin tulips will probably bloom in mid to late-April.  There are also many types of daffodils covering a long spectrum of bloom time.

Alliums (flowering onion), Fritillaria and Dutch Iris bloom in May/June to finish out your spring flowering bulb season.

For indoor planting for the holiday season Roxbury has about 20 varieties of amaryllis and well as pre-forced paperwhite narcissus.

Visit Roxbury Garden & Center for a fabulous selection of Holland flowering bulbs.