Controlling Wiregrass & Poison Ivy with ORTHO products

May 20, 2018

Yes Virginia, there is hope for controlling wiregrass & poison ivy…

Grass B GonWiregrass control tips:

ORTHO GRASS B GON kills grasses without harming broadleaf plants.

WIREGRASS (wiregrass,  wild bermudagrass) invades flower beds with deep roots.

ORTHO GRASS B GON is sprayed over the top of broadleaf ornamental plants such as petunias, azaleas, roses, etc. will kill grasses to the root without harming the broadleaf plants.  This selective herbicide is a “must have” for the gardener fighting wiregrass.

Poison Ivy Killer 2

Poison Ivy control tips:

ORTHO POISON IVY KILLER is effective in controlling poison ivy. Left unchecked poison ivy can be very invasive.  As Deputy Barney Fife advised Sheriff Andy Taylor, “You got to nip it in the bud!”  The same principle applies for poison ivy.

ORTHO POISON IVY KILLER should be done with caution as this product can kill woody ornamental plants as well.  I can attest to the fact that an ignored poison ivy infestation can get completely out of control. Don’t delay, kill that stuff today!